Protecting children in Algoma
for over 100 years

Did You Know?

Did you know that Youth in Care get together on a regular basis to participate in community activities and recreation?
This is an excellent opportunity to meet other youths in care and do fun stuff at the same time.
Did you know that the Youth in Care Program have access to an Independence Group that is based out of the YMCA? 
Not only can youth learn about how to get a job and how to work towards the goal of your own independence but you also receive a YMCA membership and a city bus pass.
Did you know that youth in care are encouraged to participate in recreation and leisure activities?
With the Society’s support, kids are doing a variety of fun things from guitar lessons, swimming to soccer!
Did you know that youth in care could attend summer camp and day camps?  
The society encourages fun, physical fitness and socialization!
Did you know if you want to improve your educational performance you have access to a tutor and an educational assessment?
The Society will work with you very closely to assist/encourage you to succeed in school.
Did you know that youth in care are eligible for a scholarship for post secondary education?
As well there will be workers encouraging you along the way, assisting you with selecting your post secondary choices, helping apply for other scholarship and financial assistance.
Did you know that after you turn 18 years of age the Children’s Aid Society will continue to stay involved with if you are going to school or involved in an educational program?
During that time youth in care may qualify for an Extended Care and Maintenance Agreement, which will provide financial and emotional support to the youth.
Did you know that all youth in care have input to the Society’s policies and practices?
Once a year all youth that are crown wards are given a survey from the Board of Director’s Advisory Group.  The board then reviews these confidential questionnaires and structures CAS services accordingly.  As well there are annual feedback session and groups that the youth are asked to participate in. 
If you are a youth in care of the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma and you would like more information on any of the above points contact your worker!