Broader Public Sector Business Documents Directive

The Government of Ontario is committed to an open and transparent government and strengthening the accountability for organizations that receive public funding. The Broader Public Sector Accountability Act sets out the requirement for all designated Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations to publish business and financial documents online designed to improve accountability and transparency across the BPS.

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Broader Public Sector Accountability
– Supply Chain Code of Ethics

Goal: To ensure an ethical, professional and accountable BPS supply chain

Broader Public Sector Perquisite Directive

In accordance with the Ontario Government’s Broader Public Service Perquisite Directive to use or provide perquisites (perks) by a provincially funded agency such as the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma, the type and value of the perquisite must be disclosed on the Society’s public website.  The Children’s Aid Society of Algoma has nothing to report and does not provide perquisites to employees or volunteers.

Risk Identification
The Ministry completes an organizational risk assessment and the agency is rated as low risk by the Ministry.

Financial Performance Analysis
The financial performance for fiscal 2022 was consistent with the budget and long-term planning. Quarterly forecasted changes are reviewed and signed off by the Board of Directors.

Travel Expenses Policy

This policy applies to any of the following individuals who may incur personal and miscellaneous expenses in the course of their work for and with the Society, including:

  • Appointees
  • Board Members
  • Non-Union Employees
  • Employees (who are entitled to reimbursement in accordance with the Collective Agreement)
  • Consultants and Contractors engaged by the Society

CAS Algoma Policy FIN-ACCT 1 – Procurement of Goods and Services and Professional Services