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Educational Assistance Fund

Criteria to Access Funds

At the Society’s Annual General Meeting in June 1992, the membership of the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma unanimously adopted the Board’s recommendation to establish a Youth-in-Care Scholarship Fund.  The intent of this fund was to generate enough resources to assist in covering post-secondary education costs.
 The Youth-in-Care Scholarship Fund is now in a position to issue assistance to recipients.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be either a former crown ward on extended care and maintenance; a crown ward living independently or a crown ward in foster care with the Children’s Aid Society of Algoma.
Consideration may also be given to children under subsidized adoption at the discretion of the Board.
Ideally, the applicant should meet the following:
  1. Applicants may be judged on academic achievement.
  2. Applicants must apply to or be attending a post secondary Canadian institution or other institution approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Applicants must submit their application on or before April 11th each year, conditional upon acceptance at an institution approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. Applicants should maintain a full-time status within the program.
  5. Applicants must strive to maintain a passing average.  
  6. Applicants will submit a written account of their previous year’s performance to the Youth-In-Care Scholarship Committee, signed by them and their child care worker, to qualify for continued funding.
Assistance to be Provided:
Successful applicants will be provided with a forgivable grant.  The maximum grant will be fixed by the Board of  Directors in June of each year when the number of applicants and money available from earnings is known.
  •  Assistance would be provided to offset (fully or in part) the cost of tuition, books or supplies.
  •  Application must be completed and submitted annually.