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Adoption in Ontario

Adoption is the legal and social process which establishes a parent/child relationship, providing permanence, safety and security for a child or children.
The Children’s Aid Society of Algoma is always looking for safe, loving families for children and youth in our care.
People who would like to adopt a child can work with their local children’s aid society (CAS). Some infants and a number of older children may be available. Children generally become available for adoption through a CAS because the court has determined that the parents are unable to care for the child.
Once a person or couple contacts a children’s aid society to ask about adoption, a children’s service worker will be in contact.  If a person or couple wants to take the next step after finding out what is involved in adopting a child, the CAS will assign a children’s service worker to complete a homestudy of the person or couple as a potential adoptive family.  After the homestudy is completed, and the potential adoptive family has been approved to adopt, it is then possible to place a child with the family.
Because the child’s welfare is the most important criteria for a successful adoption, the children’s service worker concentrates on finding the most suitable home for the child, rather than finding a child for the adoptive family. This can mean either a short or long waiting period before a child may become available who needs the kind of home a particular family can offer.
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