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Children's Aid Society of Algoma

Algoma Foster Intervention Program

The Intervention Home Program is designed to focus on individual children and youth who have unique needs, and to utilize the knowledge and skills of all team members involved with the combined goal of the increasing the child's or youth's capacity to be a contributing member of the community and society as a whole. The goal of the Children's Aid Society of Algoma is to provide, and support, the positive development of children and Foster Parents associated with the agency.

 Residential Foster Homes set up in the Intervention Home Program will provide the love, nurturing, structure, guidance and unconditional acceptance needed by every child or youth. With Foster Parents and support staff, children will experience stability, consistency, nurturing, positive relationships, and predictability.

 Each child within the Residential Intervention program does require his or her own bedroom to meet and sustain their individual needs and issues.

 Foster parents within the Residential Intervention program become active members of the intervention team and as such are required to meet a higher level of commitment towards training, transportation, and programming, as well as providing a higher level of structure and routine within their homes.

Significant reimbursement will be given to allow one parent to stay at home.

  • Training and twenty-four hour, 7 day a week support.
  • A desire to work with children and adolescents with higher needs
  • Strong knowledge of children’s behavioral emotional and therapeutic needs.

Training opportunities are offered to successful applicants. 

 For more information on this program, please contact:

Lanna Coletti
Supervisor, Intervention Services
Children's Aid Society of Algoma
705-949-0162 Ext. 137