Protecting children in Algoma
for over 100 years


Direct Quotes from our Foster Parents…

“I had a daycare in my home for seven years. Those children needed me, but their parents could find someone else [to care for them]. Foster children only have me to be there for them. I was at home with my children so I thought, why not.”

“ My children love having foster siblings around. They enjoy the young ones and act as role models for the other children. They do get upset with the children sometimes but they have to learn how to deal with it. I think fostering has helped my own children to be kinder, gentler people by seeing what other families have to go through.”

“As a single mom that likes to stay at home with her children, I feel I’m doing something good to help repay my community for their help to me.”

“I foster because I love children. Babies and toddlers help to keep me young. [With] Older children, I try to help with their problems, to be here when they get home from school, be here when they need someone to talk to, help them increase their self esteem.”

“I love how my heart flutters when you finally reach one of these kids and you get a hug after months of trying to help them.”

“It hurts when they leave to go home, but you will feel a real accomplishment to see them happy, waving good-bye. You always know there will be another child or baby waiting in the wings for your love and help.”

“For me, I love kids. The greatest gift has been to be a mom!”

“Originally, we were scared we might not be qualified to deal with foster kids, but the Society offers many courses you can take. I like taking the courses because I meet other foster parents just like me.”

“Fostering for me and my family has been very rewarding. We all feel like we are helping in some way. There are ups and downs but for the most part, it has been fun.”

“One of our own kids said to me the other day, that when he grows up he’s going to foster. So in some ways we might help to break the cycle but in other ways, we are starting one.”

“My husband’s parents fostered while he was growing up. That is how he got his sister. She was a baby with a heart problem that no one wanted to adopt, so she came and never left. So my husband was used to the idea of fostering.”

“ If you ask my children why we foster they would say ‘to break the cycle’. They feel that even if we have a child for a few months, we can show him/her a different lifestyle. Then that foster child may base some of his/her parenting partly on what he/she has learned in our home. My youngest child feels that we have so much and it would be mean not to share.”