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Kinship Services

Kinship Service and Kinship Care

When an out-of-home placement is required to secure a child’s safety, an ideal option for children is a placement with a Kinship provider.  Kinship caregivers may be extended family members, friends, community members, or any other adults who have a relationship with a child or the child’s family.

There are two kinds of Kinship placements – Kinship Service (out of care) and Kinship Care (in care).

Kinship Services (out of care)

The purpose of Kinship Service is to prevent children in need from entering the formal foster care system.  In Kinship Service situations, the children are not in the care of the Children’s Aid Society; however, their placement will be assessed, monitored and supported by the Society.

The Kinship Service Assessment Process

A Kinship Service assessment includes an evaluation of the family’s strengths, needs, resources, and possibility of offering a permanent plan for the child(ren) in need.  Interviews will take place for everyone living in the home over the age of 18.  All prospective kin applicants will also have to consent to criminal record checks, Child Welfare checks, medical, and possibly personal references.  An assessment of the home environment is conducted.  The entire process from the time of referral takes approximately 30 – 60 days to complete.

Financial Support

The Children’s Aid Society does not provide financial reimbursement for Kinship Service placements; however, may provide episodic/emergency financial assistance to cover expenses that would stabilize the placement and prevent admission to foster care.

Families that are providing a Kinship Service home for a child may be eligible for Temporary Care Allowance through Ontario Works, and may also qualify for the Canada Child Tax Benefit and National Child Care Supplement.  The assigned Assessment Worker will assist families in identifying the various forms of financial assistance for which they may qualify.

Kinship Services - How can I help?

If a child known to you has been apprehended from their primary caregiver or requires an out-of- home placement for protection purposes, you may be considered to provide a Kinship Service placement for that child.  A decision to utilize a Kinship Service placement as an alternative to foster care is made by the Family Service Worker in conjunction with the family, wherever possible.  The child’s best interests are always paramount when making such a decision.

If you wish to present a plan to care for a child, you are encouraged to contact the Children’s Aid Society Intake Department at 705-949-0162.  Please note that, for confidentiality reasons, the Society is unable to disclose any information regarding the family.

Kinship Care (in care)

Kinship Care is another type of substitute care available to children who are in need of protection.  Unlike Kinship Service, a child placed in a Kinship Care home is brought into the care of the Society and is officially a "child in care".  Bringing a child into the care of the Society is a more intrusive measure - and provides a different level of service for the child.  It also requires a more intensive assessment and training phase for the alternate caregiver/family.